Tuesday, 18 May 2010

So far so good?

Well here we go - the great ConLib government is here. Rejoice rejoice as someone once said. And - both parties have been able to ditch ahem 'extremist policies' - perhaps not a bad thing. And we have all signed up to the cuts.

Problem is when you - the public - get taken roughly from behind you tend to blame the perp - as they both know.

So undoubtably the plan is - do it fast in the honeymoon period and blame the other lot.

And there is the rub (it seems to me).

The are gonna blame Gordon and his sock puppet AlistairD with a sprinkling of Tony B Liar.

But in three months there's going be David Balls or whatever his name
is leading the New New Labour Party - which of course has nothing to
do with what went before.

Beware of Teflon Socialists Dave.

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