Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Hip Hop

So we are a week or so in and already the MFs are house trained by the civil service.

I'm sure there are other examples but this one came past me today.


Yes I know - on the scale of things not hugely important, but I think it may show an early trend.

The ONLY people who thought HIPS were a good idea were New Labour.

The industry didn't - the Cons didn't, and correct me if I'm wrong but neither did the LDems.

In the manifesto it said - cancel HIPS - hooray (sorry).

And as it turns out they don't need legislation to suspend HIPS - could be done by the Minister.
Legislation could be done later to permanently remove them.

But instead they announce consultation

ConsulFuckingTation on what - a bad idea that nobody important ever wanted.

Just get rid of them - but 'no Minister, that would be rash/brave/precipitous/stupid' - lets pay a few people to tell us what we already know'.

Less than 2 weeks - house trained.

Makes you want to cry.

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  1. Was it something I said?