Tuesday, 18 May 2010

I never thought I'd say these words

I admire the Russians.

There you go - said it.

We are talking pirates here - Somalian Pirates - evil fuckers who are really really only in it to win it.

So what do we do - we send Da Royal Navee - and with orders to say boo very loudly but not to do anything else.

Sigh - it's the Human Rights you see - the pirates have Human Rights under
article whatsit of the European Convention of Giving in to Everything


ahem - sorry - got carried away.

The Ruskies on the other hand shoot a couple of them - sink their boat - and take the survivors for trial in Russia

Hmnnn .


  1. Bring on those eeeeeeeeevil Ruskies.

    And welcome to the blog-o-sphere.

  2. Yep agree with you there.

    The RN and the RFA are hampered by stifling rules of engagement. I should know. I've been there on the anti piracy patrols.

  3. Christ, are you a mate of Obo's?

  4. The Filthy Engineer said...

    Yep agree with you there.

    The RN and the RFA are hampered by stifling rules of engagement. I should know. I've been there on the anti piracy patrols.

    Yup. Been there with the German Navy.

    Difference is, with our bloody R.O.Es, we have to issue them with ear defenders before shouting "boo very loudly".

  5. Catosays

    Only ever exchanged custard pies and makeup with Obo so no - I don't know him that well

  6. You can charter a boat trip from Russia to go pirate hunting. You sail off in a yatch into pirate country and when the pirates appear, looking for an easy score, you reveal that you are actually armed to the teeth and shoot the bastards.

    Does anyone remember the story about a hijacked plane landing in Russia in the 70s. The hijackers wanted some prisoners released in exchange for the hostages on the plane. The Russians took the prisoners out onto the tarmac and shot them. The hijackers gave up without a further wimper.

    Got to admire those Ruskies.

  7. Obo sent me over. I will bookmark you and return. Better be worth it… : )

  8. ATFN, welcome to the real world.

    I agree 100% with you. Despite our government being (nearly) all male we are controlled by rulers with no balls. It wouldnt take much, if we made sure a couple of boatloads of pirates were captured, mostly dropped overboard, but a couple of survivors were allowed to go home and tell the rest, seagoing life would be a lot safer off the coast of Somalia.

  9. Actually, what I should have said was a helicopter flight about 50miles out...drop 'em over. Those who can swim that far deserve a second chance...in the same helicopter.

  10. Fat Councillor

    I'm afraid I don't dress up as often as Obo but I will try to please.

  11. But the Navy doesn't have time to shout 'Boo'!

    They're far too busy doing other things - like hosting glamorous cocktail parties and trying to avoid the Iranian Revolutionary Guard's armed paddle boats !

    (I'm ex UK Forces so I just love having a dig at the Navy when the chance arises lol)